Elfinbook 2.0 Microwave Erasable Notebook

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Introducing the earth-friendly, smart notebook that we all have been waiting for! The Elfinbook 2.0 Microwave Erasable Notebook is everyone’s dream notebook.

Half of it is with ruled paper and half of it is with blank paper that you can write on, sketch, and draw with a classic paper and pen experience. Simply erase with a wet tissue, a damp cloth, hair drier, or erase all at once using the microwave.  Use it up to 500 times and save the trees!

Download Elfinbook APP (Androd and iOS) to scan your works and instantly blast your notes, sketches, drawings to cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex, Disk and so on! It’s very convenient!

Suitable for students, writers, architects, and artists, this is truly an innovation built for the digital age that matches the comfortable experience of a pen and a paper. Get yours now and share with your loved ones and friends!

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