EzySketch Tracing Mirror

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EzySketch Tracking Mirror is a viewing device that is used to review photographic film photography blueprint or artwork placed on top of it or as tracer. They are mainly used in the trades of graphics to trace designs, especially in the world of cartoon or comics.

Another use is for example to review film negatives, photoliths or any kind of artwork that can be placed on top of a table for working with it. In general: professional tracing, animation, cartoons, design and drawing creation, education, architecture, interior design, fashion, photo negative, and slide viewers, etc.

Artists and architects can use a lightbox for tracing over drawings or calligraphy onto new sheets of paper. They can also be used to transfer old drawings or to create traditional 2D animation from scratch. Whether you are an animator, a graphic artist or simply enjoy the art of drawing, this tracing light pad will let you create accurate and beautiful reproductions of just about any image.


  • Brand: Comic painting
  • Model: MZH-003
  • Whether the height can be adjusted: Non-adjustable
  • Type of artboard: Wooden drawing board
  • Is it portable? Yes
  • Bracket material: Premium Lime Plank
  • Lens Craftsmanship: PMMA Optical Coating
  • Device Support: Android iOS Phone lithography
  • Paper material: High quality painting Daolinzhi
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