Lily Flower – DIY 5D Diamond Painting


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Do you love to Paint by Numbers or Cross Stitch? Love to be precise? You’ll fall in love with our brand new 5D Diamond Painting Collection.

5D Diamond Painting is a fun and relaxing new hobby for craft lovers young and old!

We have just introduced a whole new range of DIY Artworks that is literally sweeping the nation!

5D Diamond Painting is the best gift you can buy, something that will last forever and bring joy to any environment.

Let your mind wander with an easy, fun, beautiful diamond painting kit! Feel your stress melt away while you create your own stunning rhinestone wall art

How Does it Work?

Create beautiful shiny artwork in 3 EASY steps! 

  • Peel back a corner of the canvas by removing the plastic film on top – each canvas has a self-adhesive layer protected by a plastic film.

  • Apply the coloured beads matching the symbols on the printed canvas
  • Once the whole canvas is completed, apply some pressure on it to fix the beads to the surface

Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Get You Going

  • Your canvas will be covered with a plastic film when you get it (to preserve the stickiness). DO NOT REMOVE THIS PLASTIC FILM ALL AT ONCE. Instead, slowly peel back the plastic as you work your way up the design.
  • Start at the bottom of the design and work your way up (easiest this way!) 
  • Work with one color at a time to keep things organized 
  • When organizing the diamonds, make sure the flat side is down (to easily use the applicator tool)
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