Masters Pastel Chalk Color Set


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Experience creating more beautiful and amazing masterpiece of art using this set of masters pastel chalk!

This Masters Pastel Chalk Color will help enhance your drawing or painting. Show that creative and impressive imagination of yours be seen in one beautiful piece. It gives more vibrant color and perfection to your masterpiece.

If you are an artist, have this masters pastel to make every piece of your art. It will inspire you to draw more and encourage other as well. Perfect for artists both students and professionals.  


  • Soft color, elegant and no reflection, the color between the mix, the overlap better
  • Paintbrush texture soft and hard moderate, the pigment has a high light resistance and stability
  • Inorganic mineral pigments and organic pigments by many professionals who respected
  • Can be used for DIY disposable hair


  • Material: powder solidified
  • Size: 60 * 8 * 8mm
  • Weight: 130 g / 250 g / 350 g / 460 g
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