Portable Outdoor Drawing Art Supplies

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This kit contains just about everything you need to begin sketching including pencils, charcoal pencils, erasers, pencil extender, an exacto knife, paper pen and a portable bag. All the basic stuff an artist need are included.

Charcoal is easy to perform a high-impact effect, but not easy to break.

The portable bag is such a nice way to organize pencils and tools. There were a handful of spaces left in the roll once everything was loaded, fitting Pencils, Colors, Brushes, Rulers, Eraser, Etc perfectly here. This would be a great kit to take when we travel and go camping.

The set is a perfect gift for artist, beginner, student who has an interest in the art of painting. Come and enjoy the fun of drawing! Let your minds wander and do something creative.

  • Material: Canvas
  • Body MaterialWood
  • Lead Color: Black
  • Lead Hardness: 2B
  • Use: Office & School Pencil
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