Wooden Artist Flexible Mannequin Hand


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Paintings and Drawings – modeled on the design of human proportion, finger joints flexible, can put a variety of shapes, it is the beauty of animation enthusiasts preferred students

Home furnishings – using wood as raw material charge, wood color elegant and simple, is a very unique home decorations

Photography props – a lot of photography of friends like to bring this lovely wooden hand practice shooting, is indeed a very good choice

Educational toys – joint of the finger can move freely, let him give full play to the imagination! Children can also develop the ability to identify and ability


  • Anti-Live 1: 1 design, flexible joint, do any modeling.
  • Flannel bottom design, non-slip.
  • For art, animation, home furnishings.


  • Material: Wood
  • Size:
  • Children 7 “(36 * 180mm)
  • Women 10 “(48 * 260mm)
  • Men 12 “(60 * 295mm)
  • Technology: Grinding

Package include: 1 x wood hand

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